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Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer,

If you want a proven shortcut to the quickest and easiest cash generating method available today, then this will be the most exciting letter you’ve ever read.


The best way to grow an online business in the shortest possible time is by selling products with Master Resell and PLR rights, due to the high value of these products…

…However the time, expense and frustration of creating them yourself is why most marketers fail to even get started with this method.

I’m sure you’ll agree if you’ve spent any time at all struggling to come up with profitable ideas, researching the marketplace and then attempting to make your own product… that it’s time consuming, brain wracking and damn right frustrating…

…as you attempt to put all the pieces together to make it all work.

How many times have you started a project, only to give up a few weeks later due to lack of time, money or simply too much going on in your life to keep up the momentum?

Even if you do come up with a great idea and go through the painful, time consuming and costly process of completing it all, it can be soul destroying to see that a nearly identical product was released two days ago by a Top Guru marketer and has already sold over 2000 copies… along with a pack of killer bonuses you can’t even compete with.

AND… Frustratingly, Every JV you approach is “Locked In” to promoting that product and shows complete disinterest in you when you try to contact them to promote yours.

Believe it or not, with 10 to 15 IM products being launched daily… this is not an uncommon occurrence.

So you’re back to the drawing board again feeling frustrated jaded and like you’ll just never succeed at this Internet Marketing thing.

And to make it worse… your product ends up just sitting on your hard drive gathering dust, starting you in the face every time you boot up your computer, reminding you of your failure.

Soul destroying or what!

What if I told you that you don’t need spend countless hours working or to shell out painful amounts money to get your own Resell Rights product to sell so you can start to rake in the profits right now?

What If You Could Get Results Like This Without Even A Single Thought Of Product Creation Or Expensive, Unreliable Outsourcing?

Read on to discover how quickly and easily you could be generating huge profits this very evening.

Imagine how reassuringly refreshing it will feel to finally kiss goodbye to:

  • Wasting time trying to think of profitable ideas as time slips away and your dreams of freedom seem even more distant than ever.
  • Spending weeks tediously researching which niches work and which don’t.
  • Feeling the pain of being burned by greedy overcharging outsourcers that come up with excuse after excuse as to why the work is delivered late and to poor quality.
  • Struggling to learn boring technical skills that leave you trapped in front of your desk for days at a time with little or no results.
  • Most of all… the sheer terror of all your hard work being a total waste of time because what you’re selling doesn’t work!

Yes, I’m sure you already know that you need to work hard if you want to build a business online. That’s no secret. However – you also need to work smart if you really want the shortest route to rapid success. And…

The Smartest Way To Shortcut Your Way To Quick And Easy Profits Is To Take Advantage Of This No-Brainer Opportunity

Can you picture what a breeze it will be… bypassing all the hard work and expense and owning your very own ready-to-go cash-generating product AND website…

…A product that you get even more money selling as it comes with its own Master Resell Rights (AND PLR) that you can sell on to start making cash from… almost immediately?

Get ready to free yourself from the time sucking pain and frustration of struggling to produce your next product and figuring out what niches are going to work and which ones fail.

Because we’ve done all the hard niche research for you -- and cut out the painful product creation process -- produced an amazing “All-IN-One” marketing toolkit, complete with its own WordPress site Ready to Sell to a hungriest niche markets…

…which could be pumping cash into your PayPal account today.

How would you like to join the elite group of savvy marketers who are generating huge profits from the goldmine of content, graphics and video assets that’s waiting for you right now by selling these products?

… And Watch The Profits Flood In Without Waiting for Weeks or Months Before You Can See The Profits


Sales Video Assets Pack

Imagine Getting Your Own Online Sales Machine With 300+ Video Assets That, Not Only Can You Use For Yourself, But You Also Get Master Reseller Rights AND full PLR To The Whole Package To Sell For A Profit

OK this sounds great, but what’s inside the whole package?

Here’s What You Get with the Sales Video Assets Pack...

This Is A Totally “Set-And-Forget” Sales system That Could Be Making You Daily Residual Profits For Years To Come.

It’s an incredible “Customer generating” offer which easily gives you 10 times the value of the price you’re paying (and MORE if you take action today).

Look how easily your money generating machine can be up and running… with just 3 easy steps:

Sky-Rocket Your Sales And Profits With This Unique Opportunity

Here Are Just Some Of The Money Making Ideas that You Can Do With this Whole Pack

  • Sell the package as a ready-made product to Local Marketers
  • Pass on the Resell Rights So that the Local Marketers can Resell the package to their customers
  • Use the product yourself to gain exposure to your own business
  • Use the videos to make your own Sales Videos and sell for a nice profit
  • Use the graphics Increase social media exposure to gain more traffic
  • Use the story Infographics as traffic magnets on Pinterest
  • Use the story infographics as lead magnets on squeeze pages
  • Attract prospects and leads that you can turn into customers and clients
  • Jack-up your product’s perceived value using high quality designs on your blogs and websites
  • Charge online and offline clients to increase their authority online
  • Get paid to create done-for-you marketing videos for your clients
  • Sell Sales Video Assets Pack for $37.00-$67.00 a time as a stand-alone product
  • Promote other products and give away some of the assets as a bonus
  • Build a private membership site to charge a monthly fee

Works for Anyone If You Are…

That’s right -- Even if you’re brand new to Internet Marketing, and you’ve not made a single dollar online, Sales Video Assets will make the process easy and painless for you because it’s all ready to go… strait out of the box. Nothing could be simpler.

If you’re already making money online, then this can be a quick and easy way to increase your income using the ready-made assets available for pennies today.

So… You Really Only Have Two Choices…

Build Your Own Product

Even though creating your own products is a good way to build your online business, as we’ve already discussed, it can be time distressingly time consuming or painfully expensive… especially if you’re starting out.

Video Sales Assets its self cost over $4054.00 to create – so if you’re prepared to shell out this amount to create a single resell rights product then fair enough… However, wouldn’t it be easier to choose…

Build Your Own Product

Get a complete Done-For-You business in a Box, - complete with Master Resell rights - with a ready to sell WordPress theme (so you just have to install and Go).

It’s as close as you can get to a ready-made evergreen business that will make you money strait out of the box with:

  • No expensive outsourcing fees
  • No frustrating fumbling in the dark for ideas
  • No months of researching which niches work the best
  • No brainer price
  • Ready to upload and profit – almost immediately.

So how much for all this? You are about to find out further below but first, let me give you a special surprise!

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Quickly And Easily Build Your Internet Business At Lightning Speed With These Amazing Marketing Training Courses:

How Much Is This Package Worth To You?

So Let’s Have a Recap of What You’re Going to Get

If you are going to create your own Sales Video Assets Pack, here’s how much it will all cost you:

However, Video Sales Assets won’t cost you a fraction of that price because it’s totally DONE-FOR-YOU!

And it won’t even be priced at $197.00!

You can normality get everything for the discounted price of $67.00 However, we want you to save more and help you even make more.

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That’s why… For a limited time only, we are giving you 75% launch discount! Yes! You’ve read that right!

You only need to invest $17.00 For Full Master Resell AND PLR Rights License to access The entire 300+ Video Sales Assets INSTANTLY.

Why am I “Giving The Sales Video Assets Reseller Pack away” at such a discounted price?

Easy – so that YOU will get to see the quality and value that I provide as a marketer and come back to buy from me in the future when I release more products. So that I’ll help you fulfil your goals and dream life that you and your family so desperately deserve.

Not only can you learn a lot from what’s inside, but you’ll be able to make your money back over and over and over again…

However, you need to be quick…

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"The Call To Action videos are well done. I love the characters that are drawn in color and also move. The script is good and direct. And you can choose among different styles of art work.... Best Of all I scored my first quality lead optin within a single day of uploading Just one of these videos!! "

Ron Wong,

"I can't believe this has worked so well ... from a failing business to 11 high paying customers in only 15 days! And so many videos and infographics to capture leads… Incredible "

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"This is a great collection of local business videos and infographics that you can use to promote your business and build a huge list! Jonathan has thought of everything with this one. The possibilities are endless and my mind is spinning as to how many things I can do with this product. And…you won’t believe the price! He throws you a huge bonus as well, as all of comes with Reseller rights!""

Tammy Homegardner

"I can't believe this has worked so well ... from a failing business to 11 high paying customers in only 15 days! And so many videos and infographics to capture leads… Incredible!"

Mark Fisher

Save More with Our Special Opening Discount

Now Available for 67€ 27€ Only

Sales Video Assets Pack

And Of Course… There’s No Risk When You Take Action Today…

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Yes… I understand that I’m getting access to over 300 video, graphics info graphics and articles that I have FULL Master Reseller Rights, FULL Private Label Rights and my license will aloow me to pass on the Reseller rights to marketers and local businesses so that they can dell them as well… plus all the bonuses for 75% discount price of $17.00… IF I buy NOW.

I also understand that I can own the product for 30 days and if -- for any reason whatsoever -- I’m not completely happy with my purchase, I can email you for a full refund.

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To your success,

Save More with Our Special Opening Discount

Now Available for 67€ 27€ Only

Sales Video Assets Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

How much for all of this?

It all starts at just 27.00€ For ALL the video, graphics and eBooks sets and bonuses. IF you buy before the timer hits zero. The bonuses will be removed after the timer hits ZERO AND the price will be 67.00€ (which is still a GREAT deal).

Are there any ongoing fees?

Just a one-time investment is required to get started.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. There’s NO risk.

Why should I get this today?

Because it’s one the highest quality Resell Rights offering presently being offered online… one sale pays for itself, and the course is packed full of training that you can use to profit with yourself. The price will be 67.00€ when you hit the page again and the bonuses will be gone forever -- It’s a no-brainer.

How do I get started?

Click the button below to get INSTANT ACCESS…

Save More with Our Special Opening Discount

Now Available for 67€ 27€ Only

Sales Video Assets Pack

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